Our World

As one of the leading global luxury goods companies, Richemont comprises 17 Maisons. Each Maison functions as an international business with a small family feel and is led by an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for tradition. We apply our métiers d’art and craftsmanship to watch-making, jewellery, writing instruments and high-end fashion and accessories.

The Group draws strength from a rich diversity and unique aesthetic sensibility, all coupled to the latest in sustainable and ethical luxury.

Richemont has corporate support services and regional shared service platforms. These services provide support to our Maisons in order to enable them to focus on their strengths in design, creation, sales and marketing.

With over 2,000 years of combined history, we have the future in mind as we invite you to join us and write the next chapter in the history of our Maisons.


Our People

At Richemont, we are convinced that people only strive for excellence when they feel fulfilled in their job. Only then do single-minded commitment, sheer passion and heartfelt pleasure come naturally. But how can we achieve lasting success? By working together towards a  sustainable goal.
Whether active in a Maison or a Richemont role, each one of us takes pride in our Maisons. Each one of us is dedicated to protecting their heritage and providing safe passage into a successful future. In every sphere and profession, we focus our combined knowledge, work effort and shared commitment on reaching this goal.

The stimulating environment we create to foster this mindset is marked by mutual respect. Our people are empowered to take the initiative and enjoy the freedom to think and act like entrepreneurs. We nurture talent, support each individual’s development and reward personal performance. All this helps us to not only ensure business success but also add value to a person`s individual career.
Our people are one of a kind. If you’re looking to join a team whose passion and fascination for the luxury goods industry goes hand in hand with a shared empathy and dedication, we invite you to explore the opportunities Richemont has to offer. Welcome to our world.

Our Opportunities

The Group with its 17 Maisons stands not only for an endless universe of different businesses and métiers all over the world, it also employees the best people in their respective fields to work on state of the art projects. This high-level environment provides our talents with a superlative choice of career opportunities and areas to expand professionally in over 36 countries. We believe in curiosity, entrepreneurship and that the development of each and everyone`s strengths and aspirations is key to building successful and diverse teams. Hence more than 50% of our jobs are filled through internal promotions and more than 70% of our top managers look back to a long career in the Group. And we believe that internal mobility not only strengthens our in-house skill set, it further offers our employees a unique opportunity to enrich and cultivate their individual mindsets and experiences.